About the team

Tessa (Tess) Srebro

Tess is fascinated by the role language plays in culture, society, and the world at large. While working on her Master of Nonprofit Leadership degree at Seattle University, Tess discovered that she could use her love of words to serve nonprofits. And she got really excited. So, after hearing about the vision of The Marketplace of Words, Tess jumped at the opportunity to conduct the research for and spearhead the creation of the tool you see here today. Learn more about Tess by visiting tessasrebro.com

Erica Mills

Erica Mills is an internationally recognized expert on how to use words to make the world a better place. She came up with the concept of the Marketplace of Words about two years ago and is over the moon that the theory has turned into a practical tool nonprofits can use. She heads up Claxon, a company on a mission to teach those doing good how to get noticed. Erica is the author of the book: Pitchfalls: why bad pitches happen to good people. She is on faculty at the University of Washington and Seattle University (where she met Tess!). Mills is a lover of words in general, and verbs and adverbs in particular.

Samiur Rahman

Samiur is an engineer passionate about solving problems that ail the world. He loves science, technology, literature and movies. When brainstorming how to collect the data for The Marketplace of Words, Tess realized she was lucky enough to be married to this wonderful data scientist. Samiur created the program that scanned nonprofits’ websites collecting words. He also assisted with the creation of the website you’re reading right now. For more about Samiur, visit his website, or contact him on Twitter.